Garrosh Down!

It's about time... Great job everyone! It's been a good (albeit long) run, but we managed to finish before the WoD pre-patch. We look forward to what the expansion will bring!

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Paragons Down!

Not too bad after dealing with Blackfuse. Garrosh, here we come!

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Blackfuse Down!


Good fight. Good to be done with it.

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Several Announcements

I'll begin with the biggest announcement: We are moving to another server. Aggramar, to be specific.

It's a bittersweet moment, to say the least. On one hand, many of us have been on Arthas since we started playing -- I've been here over 9 years. On the other hand, the increasing faction imbalance has made the game nearly unplayable in places like the Timeless Isle or the Isle of Thunder, not to mention the minuscule pool to recruit from as Alliance on Arthas. We're the only active Alliance raiding guild on a high population server, for crying out loud!

The decision wasn't easy, but it's been a long time coming.

In other news, we've gotten a couple new heroic kills. Last Wednesday (Feb. 19), we killed Heroic Galakras, and yesterday we killed Heroic Iron Juggernaut. Hopefully this is the start of a trend, though I know we haven't hit the hard bosses yet.

Additionally, while it's somewhat less of an accomplishment, most of us completed our Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider achievement last night!

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Heroic Fallen Protectors Down!

After attendance issues last week, we got another one down tonight. Not a bad fight. Now for a nice, two-week, holiday break.

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Heroic Immerseus and Norushen Down!

I guess our Thanksgiving break left us feeling rejuvenated -- or something like that, anyway. Great job tonight, everyone!

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Garrosh Hellscream Down!

Last night we finally finished up normal mode Siege of Orgrimmar. We had several 4% wipes the previous week, but due to tunnel vision, we were overwhelmed by Touch of Y'Shaarj. Last night, things went much smoother, and we managed the kill after only a couple of attempts.

I've got to say, this is one of the most satisfying boss kills in quite some time. I don't think any other normal mode boss in either Mists or Cataclysm has come close.

Great job everyone!

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Lei Shen Down!

After being forced to drop 25-man raiding due to the abysmal state of Arthas Alliance, we picked up the pace. Tonight, on our second night of attempts, we brought down Lei Shen!

Heroics, here we come!

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Still Recruiting

We made the switch to 25-man raiding this week and we're off to a good start (5/6 in Mogu'shan Vaults with several pugs along), but we are still in need of more for our raid team! We mainly need DPS classes (warlocks in particular) but will gladly give players of any class a fair shot.

Note that all of our members are expected to be mature. This is not a "mature content" warning, but rather a disclaimer that if your behavior warrants such a warning, we are not the guild for you

If you are interested, you can either apply here or speak with one of our officers in-game.

UPDATE (Feb. 21): We have been regularly raiding as a 25-man group, and we have now cleared through Lei Shi in ToES. We are still recruiting and are primarily in need of ranged DPS and strong non-druid healers.

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In an effort to return to 25-man raids, we are once again recruiting! Raids continue to favor ranged DPS (as well as healing classes we are lacking in), and while we have been able to push through these barriers in the past, we would like to have the class diversity promoted in a 25-man environment.

To clarify, that means we are currently recruiting all ranged classes as well as at least one holy paladin, restoration shaman, and mistweaver monk. Other classes are welcome to apply, of course, but those are our primary needs.

If interested, please apply in our forums, or speak with any of our officers if you have any questions!

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Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider

We decided to finish up our achievements tonight, and with the completion of Holding Hands, we earned our Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider meta! Mount collectors rejoice!

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Heroic Madness of Deathwing Down!

After several frustratingly low attempts (one at less than 1%), we finally managed to get Madness tonight! With Dragon Soul officially cleared, we look forward to finishing the achievements in there and maybe even relaxing a little before Mists arrives.

Great job, everyone!

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Heroic Spine of Deathwing Down

For what it's worth.

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Heroic Zon'ozz

It's always nice to see things just "click" and get a kill. After spending a while getting coordinated in the Black Blood phase, we got things straightened out and killed Warlord Zon'ozz nice and easy. Great job everyone!

Now we can look forward to the fun of Heroic Spine...

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Heroic Blackhorn

After giving Heroic Warmaster Blackhorn some token attempts last week, we decided to give it a go again tonight and on our third attempt of the night we made it to phase 2... and then killed him. Now, I realize encounters have been nerfed significantly, but I think we were all expecting this one to be more difficult.

Either way, fantastic job everyone!

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Heroic Hagara

After much frustration, we finally got our acts together and killed Hagara tonight. And hey, the angry raid leader even came back!

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Heroic Ultraxion

After deciding to try Heroic Ultraxion for the first time last week (taking a break from Hagara attempts), we decided that he looked very doable. With the help of an additional 5% nerf this week, we downed Ultraxion quite easily.

Now if we can have a single week in which we have 10 raiders available both nights, maybe we can make some progress elsewhere... Incidentally, we're looking for a decent, reliable mage, warlock, shadow priest, rogue, paladin, or death knight to fill an otherwise empty DPS slot.

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Heroic Yor'sahj

After a good number of frustratingly low percentage wipes, we finally got him tonight. We even managed to keep our tradition of getting the kill on the last attempt of the night! Now if we keep our three-night-running trend of actually having ten players available to raid, maybe we'll actually be able to log some more kills.

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Heroic Morchok

After a bit of a slow start -- or at least a slow finish -- to the normal mode of this tier due to holiday-related low attendance, we finally got started on heroics last night. Morchok went down pretty easily after a few attempts, and we're hoping to have some others down in the near future!

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Dragonwrath, Tarecgosa's Rest

It's been years since we've earned a legendary, but after working at it for months (with plenty of delays), Svn finally earned his Dragonwrath tonight! Congratulations, Svn! Let's hope it doesn't take us years to get our next legendary.

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Dragon Soul Begins!

Well, last night we made our first venture into Dragon Soul, and I have to say, I think we all were expecting more. While we only killed the first four bosses, we never touched the PTR, and we got the first two on our first attempt. Ultraxion should die tonight from what we saw last night, but let's hope the last three offer a little more of a challenge.

UPDATE: Night #2 yielded two more dead bosses before we went and cleared Firelands to continue working towards our still-unfinished legendary staff.

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Our roster is filling...

While we are still recruiting, our numbers are increasing rapidly. It looks as if we will be moving over to a 25-man raid group in just a week or two; we just need a few more!

Primarily, we need a moonkin and another shadow priest, but we will consider most other classes, as well. The "Recruiting Needs" on our home page is generally kept up-to-date, but it only shows what we are actively looking for. As usual, all classes can feel free to apply, and we will let you know if we have room for you on our roster.

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While we never truly stopped recruiting, the doors are at least open wider now. Our desire is to transition from 10-man raids back to a 25-man raids. Thus, we are currently recruiting all classes!

The transition to 25-man raids obviously will not happen overnight, so even if you are undergeared right now, feel free to apply. We'll be glad to run 5-mans for both gear and points towards vendor-bought gear. Otherwise, can often find a spot or two in our 10-man Firelands runs, and we will have a second 10-man up and running before 25-mans are going full swing.

If you are interested, please stop by our forums and post an application or send a whisper in game to Halleck (or just about any other member) for more information.

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We're 12/12

About time...

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Finally Building Momentum

After a long break between the end of our raiding in Wrath and the start of our organized raiding in Cataclysm, we've finally started to get back into the swing of things. This week both Nefarian and Cho'gall were added to the guild's list of accomplishments (however small those two may be at this point), albeit with a couple PUGs on our roster for the latter. That said, the team is back in the groove, and we hope to be 12/12 next week.

We are still looking for new recruits to fill out our roster as we look towards heroic and Firelands bosses, so if you have what it takes, feel free to shoot any of our officers a message in-game or on the forums. We are considering most ranged DPS classes and are also looking for a holy paladin or restoration shaman.

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Recruiting is Open!

We are once more looking to recruit! This time around, we are in need of more DPS, one more healer, and another tank (who also happens to like DPS). Our current raid schedule is Thursdays and Fridays from approximately 8:00 - 11:30pm.

If you are interested in raiding alongside us, please apply in our recruiting forum!

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An Even Bigger Congratulations Is In Order!

After a beautiful ceremony yesterday, David and Naomi (Halleck and Windleaf) are off on their honeymoon!!


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Merry Christmas everyone!

Merry Christmas! Let's hope for a better 2010 than 2009. :D

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A big congratulations is in order!

It was a big Thanksgiving at our home today! I want to be the first to congratulate David and Naomi (aka Halleck/Daelos and Windleaf) on their engagement to be married!

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What's-His-Name Down

You know... the first Crusaders' Coliseum boss. Second go at it (well, second go at the worms). Fun stuff.

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Yogg Down!

After two weeks of not even having the group to attempt Yogg, which followed numerous weeks of having a terribly sub-par group for him, we got in and did it fairly effortlessly tonight. Good job, everyone!

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Ulduar Progress

I'll keep this consolidated in one post. Not going to bother with screenshots until we get to to hard modes, but here's where we stand.

Flame Leviathan: KILLED (4/15/09)
XT-002 Deconstructor: KILLED (4/19/09)
Assembly of Iron: KILLED (4/19/09)
Ignis the Furnace Master: KILLED (4/22/09)
Razorscale: KILLED (4/22/09)
Kologarn: KILLED (4/23/09)
Auriaya: KILLED (4/23/09)
Hodir: KILLED (4/29/09)
Thorim: KILLED (4/30/09)
Freya: KILLED (5/3/09)
Mimiron: KILLED (5/10/09)
General Vezax: KILLED (5/14/09)
Yogg-Saron KILLED (7/2/09)

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Recruiting Ranged DPS and Healers

We are looking to recruit two exceptional ranged DPSers for our raids in Ulduar. Namely, we're looking for the following classes: Mage, Moonkin, or Hunter. Those applying must strive to attain the highest DPS possible, have good situational awareness, and excellent raid attendance.

There are also openings for a couple healers in our roster. We have an opening for another Druid at least, and possibly a Paladin and/or Shaman. Again, it is important that you don't have brain damage.

Because it would allow for one of our top mages to stop tanking on his DK, we are also looking for an exceptional Paladin tank. We hold our tanks to a very high standard, so you much know your class inside and out, have incredible situational awareness, know how to: position mobs, pull, react to loose mobs, main-tank, off-tank, etc., and you must have near 100% raid availability. If you can meet these standards, please apply. Otherwise, please leave us with our mage-turned-death knight, as we know he can do the job.
(Never mind, we'll stick with our DK.)

Please see our Recruiting forum for information about our raid schedule and application form.

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*RESOLVED* Guild Hacked

Overnight, a hacker took control of my account, seemingly deleted my character, and disbanded the guild. As of this moment, an individual (whether related to the incident or not) has taken my name and has formed a false guild under the name of The Butchers. He is apparently giving out our website, so I am posting this just to avoid any confusion in case he is attempting to besmirch my/our name in any way.

WoW Account Services has been contacted, and hopefully this issue will be resolved shortly.

Everything has been recovered! The Butchers you see in-game are genuine.

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Twilight Vanquisher

Finally killed the bastards all together. Little in this game has compared to how random that fight can be...

Great job everyone!

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Content Cleared

Time to work on achievements.

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Kil'jaeden down!!!

Our second night of Kil'jaeden attempts paid off big time! All we could have asked for was to clear all TBC content pre-expansion, and we pulled it off.

Excellent job, everyone.

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Eredar Twins and M'uru DOWN!


Eredar Twins:

Wow! Really great job everyone, that was an incredible night! The Eredar Twins were a cakewalk once we got the conflags under control, and M'uru went down after only a few attempts - obviously different than pre-3.0, but still fun.

Seeing Kil'jaeden emerge had to be one of the most epic moments any of us have experienced in this game to date. Hopefully we can drop the big guy pre-Wrath!

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Felymyst Down!

Well, post-3.0 Felmyst down, but regardless, great job everyone! Let's keep up the good work!

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Brutallus Down!

Glad to have had time to at least do this before 3.0. Can't complain about three nights of attempts! Really great job everyone.

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Kalecgos Down!

He should have been down last week, but as is typical with us, the server gave us a hard time and we had to wait another week.

That said, great job everyone! Soul Stone saves the day!

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Illidan DOWN!


This is the kill we've been waiting for since the release of The Burning Crusade.

Excellent job everyone. It's amazing to see how things just "click" after a few strong attempts and things go perfectly from then on.

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Illidari Council Down!

Finally having a group appropriate for some council attempts, we got back in there tonight and perfected our staying-out-of-bad-stuff skills. Great job everyone!

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Mother Shahraz Down!

Not much to say... Pretty simple encounter, but still, great job everyone!

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Gurtogg Bloodboil Down!

So we finally had the healers together for some viable attempts on this guy, and he went down surprisingly easily! Great job everyone!

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Reliquary of Souls Down!

Planned on going for Bloodboil tonight, but we didn't have the healers online, so we decided to kill a boss we hadn't tried before instead. Good job everyone!

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Archimonde Down!

Weee! We can avoid fire!

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Azgalor down!

Great job Butchers! One shot for the win!

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Teron Gorefiend Down!

Good job tonight everyone! That was a fun fight!

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Shade of Akama down

We killed Shade of Akama easily last night after getting attunements completed in TK for the last of our members. Good job everyone! Teron Gorefiend, you're next!

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Naj'entus and Supremus Down!

Woo! Typical that we'd have server issues our first night in BT, though.

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Anetheron and Kaz'Rogal Down!

More charity epics!

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Rage Winterchill Down!

Hurray for charity epics!

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Kael'thas Down!

*Massive sigh of relief* Hyjal/BT, here we come!

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Lady Vashj Down!

FINALLY! This kill was a long time coming (several months), and we continually had things keeping us from claiming the kill. All that can be said at this point is it's about time.

Great job to everyone there!

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Al'ar Down!

Should have gone for this guy long ago. Nice job, everyone!

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Leotheras, Solarian, and Zul'jin Down!

Okay, so Zul'jin was actually last night and we forgot a post and screenshot, you can't really see Leotheras in the kill screenshot for him, and for some reason you can't see names when you turn off the interface anymore, but either way, great job everyone!

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Hydross the Unstable Down!

Fun fight. Good job everyone!

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Our doors are open!

We are recruiting once more! At the moment, we are recruiting holy/prot paladins, resto/elemental shamans, and a fire mage. If recruited, you can expect to raid regularly. Regardless of your gear, as long as you know your class and are eager to raid, feel free to apply - you'll get the gear along the way. We don't use a DKP system, so I really mean you will get gear.

Our raid schedule is Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7:30 to 11:30pm, and Sundays from 7:00 to 11:30pm server time. Karazhan is being run as an off-night raid on Saturdays from 7:00pm. Being able to be available for most raids is definitely a plus, but even players mediocre availability can be eligible to see raid time.

Raids will be resuming shortly, but we are currently taking a short break from raiding to get some recruiting done. Even if you want to just run some heroics with us to see if we're what you're looking for, we'd be happy to see what you can do!

Edit: Raids are back. We are still recruiting the classes listed above.

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Fathom-Lord Karathress Down!

So...Yeah...Congrats? I guess?

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Morogrim Tidewalker Down

Tidewalker Down 8/9/2007

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Lurker Below Down, er...Up?

I was somehow expecting more from this guy. Either way, fun fight, and a change of scenery at least!

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Void Reaver Down!

Actually on Thursday, but I never post these things on time...

Great job everyone - pretty wild fight!

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Magtheridon Down

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Gruul the Dragonkiller down!

Only our second night of attempts; not too bad once we figured out the shatters.

Good job, everyone!

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High King Maulgar down!

After our five month break from raiding, we're back in action!

In our first night of attempts, after plenty of pulls consisting of tanks simply saying "dead" and everyone else running like scared little girls, we finally got in a real fight and killed High King Maulgar and company. Great job guys!

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Grand Widow Faerlina down!

After getting our raid team back on track with the acquisition of some more good members we have restarted our progression in Naxxramas with the downing of the Grand Widow, a boss who, without a doubt, we should have killed a week ago.

Good job to everyone present! Maexxna, we will see you Friday!

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The Butchers are Recruiting!

We are recruiting once more! We need experienced members, with at least decent gear (tier 2 legs are a big plus - we're sick of MC). Obviously, we'd prefer to see a high level of gear, since we're fairly deep into AQ and starting to move into Naxx, but a high level of skill to go along with mediocre gear (tier 1 is mediocre for warriors/dps, we're less picky with healers) is definitely an acceptable alternative.

Our raid schedule is Tuesday from 6:30 to 11:00, Friday from 6:30 to 11:30, and Sunday from 4:00 to 9:00. We need active members, so if you'll regularly have issues with this schedule, you may not get in (but feel free to apply).

Our current needs are:
Hunter: 1
Paladin: 2
Priest: 3
Rogue: 1
Warrior: 2

Last Updated on 10/12.

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Anub'Rekhan Down!

After a good, solid attempt of getting Anub'rekhan down to 16% and then having him evade, we had another flawless attempt tonight, and brought down the big, ugly beetle with ease.

Great job everyone!

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After the server shutdown mid raid last weekend I was beginning to think that killing the Twin Emps was not meant to be but it went smooth tonight!

Good job Butchers! See you soon C'Thun!

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Instructor Razuvious Down!

Ok, it actually happened last Sunday, and I just forgot to post it... Surprisingly easy fight, really - good job everyone that was there!

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Princess Huhuran Down!

Well it's about time! Amazing job tonight everyone!

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Sartura and Fankriss Down!

Great job this weekend, Butchers! On Friday, we downed Battleguard Sartura finally, and were relieved to see that Fankriss the Unyielding yielded quite easily on Sunday.

No screenshots this time around, sadly, but we'll get some posted with our soon to come Princess Huhuran kill!

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Great Night Butchers! Nefarian Down!!!!!!!

That was an awesome night guys! Nefarian went down easily! MC was done in record time and we still had time to take down Azuregos in record time! Congrats to all present and to the loot winners! Good job!

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Chromaggus Down!

After figuring out the positioning, we took Chromaggus down on our first attempt! Great job Butchers! Nefarian, you are NEXT! We are there now, cross your fingers.

Hopefully to be continued...

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Great job everyone! Chromaggus, you're next!



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Looking for New Priests/Warriors

The Butchers are looking for one or two more active priests and one more active warrior. Priests are expected to be healing specced, especially with the upcoming 1.10 holy/disc buffs, and we mainly need warriors capable of putting out good damage numbers.

While we may not have room for you immediately in raids, if you are active, you are almost guaranteed to see raid action very shortly. Once we see what you can do in raids, if we like what we see, you'll almost definitely find a spot on the regular raid team.

Those interested, please apply in the recruiting forum with the requested information.

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Firemaw DOWN!

Great job on taking down Firemaw tonight, Butchers! Nomi's murloc ftw! Those trash mobs afterwards were lots of fun! :)

We will see Chromaggus soon enough! :D

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Congratulations on Thunderfury, Kalark!

Last night, after months of waiting and anticipation, we finally fought and killed Prince Thunderaan, and Kalark was able to get his Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker, which still rocks, even after the nerf! I'm sure you'll all see Kal out swinging around his enormous, flashy blade plenty now, and hopefully we won't have to listen to him brag about his damage too much. :P

I'd like to give a HUGE thanks to MTD, who, in their generosity, loaned us the eight remaining elementium ore and smelted the bars for us! We'll get it back to you ASAP!

Congrats again, Kalark!

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Broodlord Lashlayer Down!

After an easy Vaelastrasz kill, we took down the Broodlord last night! Firemaw, you're next! :lol:

Good job Butchers! :wink:

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Vaelastrasz the Corrupt DOWN!!!

After far too much gold was spent in repair bills over the past few weeks, we finally downed Vael tonight! Great job everyone, and good attempts on Broodlord!

Congrats to Bigguy on your Dragonstalker's Belt, Nittanypaw on Judgement Belt, and Elexorion on Helm of Endless Rage!

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Congratulations Luthiena!

After winning the Eye of Sulfuras on the 13th, Luthiena finished collecting materials for the Sulfuron Hammer last night and ventured to Blackrock Depths to craft the legendary item! Congrats Luth, and may you pwn many noobs with it! :D

Many thanks to Sommsy and MTD for loaning us the final Sulfuron Ingot for the hammer and to Kaest from Security for crafting it!

Now about Kal's Thunderfury...

(24) Comments

Wait... We have a website?

Alright, alright... Yeah, I've been lazy, but I finally got around to working on the latest version of the website in the past couple days. So, here it is! Thanks to Kalark for the design!

It's hardly functional, but it's something to look at for the time being, and I've got links up to the to-be-redone members page and DKP section. The links section in particular is not working beyond displaying what was there a year ago, so don't bother trying to add any new links.

Please let me know if you encounter any problems with display and/or functionality.

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Razorgore Down!

Good job to all who showed up! That was a fun fight! :wink:

Congrats to Siris on Bracelets of Wrath, Peekahboo on Netherwind Bindings, and Ataeus on The Black Book.

(19) Comments

MC / Onyxia on Farm Status

Ok, so we're a few months behind on announcements...

Since starting MC at the end of July, The Butchers rapidly progressed through the core and Onyxia. We were through the first 8 bosses in MC in just a couple weeks, and we brought down Onyxia on our second attempt of our first time trying. We now have it all, including Ragnaros, on farm status, and hope to be progressing in BWL shortly!

We've seen some loot since July, too, believe it or not! Congrats to all of the following people on all of the following loot :eek: (latest loot first):

Meddy - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Ventura - Bloodfang Hood
Marulain - Netherwind Crown
Charmy - Sapphiron Drape
Brittney - Head of Onyxia
Warrax - Legplates of Wrath
Ghlann - Dragonstalker's Legguards
Gulley - Crown of Destruction
Bigguy - Band of Accuria
Ataeus - Shard of the Flame
Alcachofa - Cenarion Bracers
Marulain - Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame
Morbide - Nightslayer Chestpiece
Namor - Cenarion Vestments
Sweetlolita - Azuresong Mageblade
Meddy - Vambraces of Prophecy
Namor - Cenarion Bracers
Meddy - Mantle of Prophecy
Morbide - Nightslayer Shoulder Pads
Defenestrate - Arcanist Gloves
Tlanyr - Wristguards of Stability
Tlanyr - Cenarion Bracers
Darthos - Lawbringer Belt
Druina - Seal of the Archmagus
Sweetlolita - Fire Runed Grimoire
Bacteria - Brutality Blade
Daelos - Circlet of Prophecy
Warrax - Helm of Might
Pirate - Lawbringer Gauntlets
Vinquen - Flamewaker Legplates
Warrax - Legplates of Might
Siris - Flameguard Gauntlets
Praetorfenix - Arcanist Leggings
Alcachofa - Cenarion Boots
Namor - Stormrage Cover
Ataeus - Nemesis Skullcap
Bigguy - Mature Black Dragon Sinew
Muffy - Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire
Nomi - Head of Onyxia
Tzina - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Tzina - Scarlet Kris
Pirate - Drakesfire Epaulets
Tlanyr - Stormrage Legguards
Luthiena - Judgement Legplates
Beren - Dragon's Blood Cape
Muffy - Essence of Pure Flame
Defenestrate - Arcanist Belt
Azeil - Fireguard Shoulders
Pirate - Lawbringer Chestguard
Brittney - Staff of Dominance
Chalace - Robes of Prophecy
Azeil - Nightslayer Shoulder Pads
Tlanyr - Cenarion Gloves
Lenas - Boots of Prophecy
Defenestrate - Bludstone Hammer
Defenestrate - Arcanist Mantle
Sixthday - Magma Tempered Boots
Chalace - Circlet of Prophecy
Alcachofa - Cenarion Helm
Morbide - Brutality Blade
Malhavok - Felheart Bracers
Magarlann - Giantstalker's Bracers
Ghlann - Giantstalker's Boots
Robbin - Gloves of Prophecy
Drayconis - Medallion of Steadfast Might
Muffy - Felheart Pants
Praetorfenix - Mana Igniting Cord
Peekahboo - Arcanist Boots
Aggy - Crimson Shocker
Magarlann - Dragonstalker's Helm
Tlanyr - Stormrage Cover
Ndb - Sapphiron Drape
Daelos - Head of Onyxia
Pinkee - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Drayconis - Legplates of Wrath
Gulley - Dragonstalker's Legguards
Ghlann - Crown of Destruction
Kalark - Onslaught Girdle
Nittanypaw - Lawbringer Bracers
Druina - Finkle's Lava Dredger
Kudaas - Wild Growth Spaulders
Gygax - Giantstalker's Breastplate
Brittney - Arcanist Robes
Beren - Blastershot Launcher
Eremon - Pattern: Core Armor Kit
Warrax - Pauldrons of Might
Gygax - Giantstalker's Epaulets
Anyis - Cenarion Gloves
Ndb - Felheart Slippers
Muffy - Felheart Shoulder Pads
Anyis - Cenarion Spaulders
Azeil - Gutgore Ripper
Bigguy - Giantstalker's Helm
Drayconis - Flameguard Gauntlets
Darthos - Lawbringer Bracers
Gygax - Giantstalker's Bracers
Splintz - Giantstalker's Bracers
Bigguy - Giantstalker's Boots
Eremon - Nightslayer Gloves
Alcachofa - Cenarion Leggings
Peekahboo - Arcanist Leggings
Muffy - Felheart Gloves
Aggy - Choker of Enlightenment
Nomi - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Ganko - Halo of Transcendence
Azeil - Bloodfang Hood
Sweetlolita - Sapphiron Drape
Sixthday - Head of Onyxia
Drayconis - Bonereaver's Edge
Kalark - Legplates of Wrath
Ndb - Nemesis Leggings
Elexorion - Onslaught Girdle
Anyis - Essence of Pure Flame
Meddy - The Eye of Divinity
Alcachofa - Wild Growth Spaulders
Namor - Finkle's Lava Dredger
Pinkee - Robes of Prophecy
Ndb - Azuresong Mageblade
Meddy - Lawbringer Belt
Anyis - Cenarion Bracers
Drayconis - Pauldrons of Might
Ghlann - Giantstalker's Gloves
Eremon - Nightslayer Boots
Ataeus - Felheart Shoulder Pads
Tzina - Aged Core Leather Gloves
Aggy - Arcanist Crown
Drayconis - Helm of Might
Emcee - Brutality Blade
Namor - Cenarion Belt
Ventura - Nightslayer Gloves
Siris - Sabatons of Might
Tlanyr - Formula: Enchant Weapon - Spell Power
Ghlann - Giantstalker's Leggings
Azzah - Striker's Mark
Meddy - Lawbringer Boots
Elexorion - Gauntlets of Might
Ghlann - Dragonstalker's Helm
Azzah - Helm of Wrath
Elexorion - Head of Onyxia
Luthiena - Ring of Binding
Robbin - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Lenas - Schematic: Sniper Scope
Beren - Legplates of Wrath
Brittney - Choker of the Fire Lord
Siris - Dragon's Blood Cape
Azzah - Legplates of Wrath
Anyis - Spaulders of the Unseen
Praetorfenix - Arcanist Belt
Alcachofa - Cenarion Belt
Robbin - The Eye of Divinity
Emcee - Fireguard Shoulders
Azzah - Core Forged Greaves
Magarlann - Blastershot Launcher
Meddy - Lawbringer Chestguard
Radtke - Nightslayer Chestpiece
Robbin - Girdle of Prophecy
Magarlann - Giantstalker's Epaulets
Radtke - Nightslayer Shoulder Pads
Brittney - Arcanist Gloves
Sweetlolita - Felheart Shoulder Pads
Emcee - Quick Strike Ring
Pinkee - Recipe: Major Rejuvenation Potion
Meddy - Lawbringer Bracers
Robbin - Circlet of Prophecy
Ghlann - Giantstalker's Helm
Marulain - Talisman of Ephemeral Power
Elexorion - Bracers of Might
Ghlann - Giantstalker's Bracers
Sixthday - Lawbringer Gauntlets
Alcachofa - Salamander Scale Pants
Darthos - Lawbringer Legplates
Ventura - Nightslayer Pants
Thordinn - Earthshaker
Tlanyr - Cenarion Boots
Anyis - Salamander Scale Pants
Lenas - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Lenas - Halo of Transcendence
Bacteria - Bloodfang Hood
Aggy - Sapphiron Drape
Pinkee - Head of Onyxia
Druina - Stormrage Legguards
Bigguy - Dragonstalker's Legguards
Ventura - Perdition's Blade
Drayconis - Onslaught Girdle
Ghlann - Giantstalker's Belt
Chalace - Vambraces of Prophecy
Druina - Cenarion Bracers
Ghlann - Ancient Petrified Leaf
Nittanypaw - Finkle's Lava Dredger
Drayconis - Core Forged Greaves
Anyis - Cenarion Vestments
Ataeus - Felheart Robes
Ventura - Aged Core Leather Gloves
Daelos - Girdle of Prophecy
Daelos - Mantle of Prophecy
Bacteria - Nightslayer Shoulder Pads
Myuu - Giantstalker's Gloves
Nomi - Boots of Prophecy
Chalace - Girdle of Prophecy
Peekahboo - Arcanist Mantle
Tlanyr - Fire Runed Grimoire
Radtke - Nightslayer Cover
Kalark - Drillborer Disk
Beren - Flameguard Gauntlets
Chalace - Gloves of Prophecy
Peekahboo - Robe of Volatile Power
Marulain - Formula: Enchant Weapon - Healing Power
Beren - Legplates of Might
Emcee - Nightslayer Pants
Eremon - Aged Core Leather Gloves
Druina - Choker of Enlightenment
Azzah - Heavy Dark Iron Ring
Luthiena - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Meddy - Halo of Transcendence
Aggy - Netherwind Crown
Brittney - Sapphiron Drape
Bigguy - Head of Onyxia
Myuu - Mature Black Dragon Sinew
Darthos - Malistar's Defender
Elexorion - Legplates of Wrath
Brittney - Netherwind Pants
Chalace - Band of Sulfuras
Fyehellblade - The Eye of Divinity
Beren - Core Forged Greaves
Ventura - Core Hound Tooth
Elexorion - Belt of Might
Darthos - Lawbringer Chestguard
Aggy - Arcanist Robes
Nittanypaw - Obsidian Edged Blade
Praetorfenix - Arcanist Bindings
Adrin - Lawbringer Belt
Fylfot - Giantstalker's Belt
Alone - Giantstalker's Epaulets
Chalace - Crimson Shocker
Fylfot - Giantstalker's Gloves
Aggy - Arcanist Mantle
Beren - Obsidian Edged Blade
Fylfot - Schematic: Force Reactive Disk
Luthiena - Lawbringer Helm
Ventura - Brutality Blade
Eremon - Gutgore Ripper
Pirate - Lawbringer Bracers
Emcee - Nightslayer Gloves
Aggy - Ring of Spell Power
Siris - Legplates of Might
Nomi - Pants of Prophecy
Meddy - Earthshaker
Pirate - Lawbringer Boots
Kalark - Gauntlets of Might
Kalark - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Myuu - Dragonstalker's Helm
Beren - Helm of Wrath
Brittney - Ancient Cornerstone Grimoire
Peekahboo - Head of Onyxia
Meddy - Cauterizing Band
Ganko - The Eye of Divinity
Aggy - Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame
Bigguy - Giantstalker's Belt
Aggy - Arcanist Belt
Sixthday - Lawbringer Bracers
Tlanyr - Cenarion Vestments
Eremon - Nightslayer Chestpiece
Ndb - Staff of Dominance
Beren - Pauldrons of Might
Meddy - Shadowstrike
Alcachofa - Cenarion Gloves
Muffy - Felheart Slippers
Kalark - Bindings of the Windseeker
Ndb - Felheart Shoulder Pads
Brittney - Fire Runed Grimoire
Brittney - Arcanist Crown
Anyis - Cenarion Helm
Druina - Fire Runed Grimoire
Daelos - Formula: Enchant Weapon - Spell Power
Aggy - Arcanist Bindings
Kalark - Sabatons of Might
Nomi - Gloves of Prophecy
Azeil - Nightslayer Pants
Bigguy - Giantstalker's Leggings
Peekahboo - Mana Igniting Cord
Sweetlolita - Felheart Bracers
Myuu - Giantstalker's Belt
Drayconis - Gauntlets of Might
Ndb - Choker of Enlightenment
Daelos - Halo of Transcendence
Emcee - Vis'kag the Bloodletter
Druina - Stormrage Cover
Myuu - Ring of Binding
Azeil - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Meddy - Head of Onyxia
Bacteria - Core Hound Tooth
Myuu - Ancient Petrified Leaf
Luthiena - Cauterizing Band
Ghlann - Giantstalker's Breastplate
Ventura - Nightslayer Chestpiece
Siris - Flamewaker Legplates
Kalark - Bracers of Might
Nomi - Mantle of Prophecy
Elexorion - Heavy Dark Iron Ring
Ailli - Arcanist Gloves
Emcee - Nightslayer Boots
Bigguy - Giantstalker's Bracers
Ataeus - Felheart Bracers
Anyis - Cenarion Boots
Praetorfenix - Arcanist Mantle
Elexorion - Obsidian Edged Blade
Myuu - Giantstalker's Helm
Ataeus - Felheart Horns
Tlanyr - Aurastone Hammer
Muffy - Felheart Bracers
Nittanypaw - Lawbringer Gauntlets
Daelos - Crimson Shocker
Tlanyr - Cenarion Leggings
Ataeus - Felheart Pants
Beren - Flamewaker Legplates
Nomi - The Eye of Divinity
Tlanyr - Cauterizing Band
Pyrow - Core Hound Tooth
Beren - Breastplate of Might
Sweetlolita - Felheart Robes
Bacteria - Quick Strike Ring
Fylfot - Giantstalker's Bracers
Pinkee - Girdle of Prophecy
Ghlann - Giantstalker's Epaulets
Praetorfenix - Robe of Volatile Power
Marulain - Arcanist Gloves
Sweetlolita - Felheart Slippers
Scottyd - Cenarion Spaulders
Lenas - Seal of the Archmagus
Scottyd - Cenarion Belt
Scottyd - Cenarion Helm
Muffy - Felheart Horns
Marulain - Fire Runed Grimoire
Adrin - Lawbringer Bracers
Azeil - Nightslayer Gloves
Ailli - Ring of Spell Power
Sixthday - Lawbringer Legplates
Ndb - Felheart Pants
Pirate - Earthshaker
Sixthday - Lawbringer Boots
Kalark - Heavy Dark Iron Ring
Bigguy - Dragonstalker's Helm
Marulain - Sapphiron Drape
Sweetlolita - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Daelos - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Elexorion - Helm of Wrath
Emcee - Head of Onyxia
Daelos - The Eye of Divinity
Muffy - Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame
Bigguy - Wristguards of Trueflight
Myuu - Giantstalker's Breastplate
Nomi - Robes of Prophecy
Azeil - Aged Core Leather Gloves
Pinkee - Mantle of Prophecy
Drayconis - Flamewaker Legplates
Scottyd - Cenarion Gloves
Ataeus - Manastorm Leggings
Meddy - Lawbringer Spaulders
Tlanyr - Seal of the Archmagus
Pinkee - Circlet of Prophecy
Druina - Cenarion Helm
Sixthday - Aurastone Hammer
Kalark - Bindings of the Windseeker
Ataeus - Felheart Belt
Adrin - Lawbringer Gauntlets
Beren - Sabatons of Might
Adrin - Lawbringer Legplates
Brittney - Arcanist Leggings
Luthiena - Earthshaker
Darthos - Lawbringer Boots
Ndb - Felheart Gloves
Pinkee - The Eye of Divinity
Ailli - Gloves of the Hypnotic Flame
Sixthday - Cauterizing Band
Ghlann - Blastershot Launcher
Fylfot - Giantstalker's Breastplate
Emcee - Nightslayer Chestpiece
Myuu - Giantstalker's Epaulets
Ataeus - Robe of Volatile Power
Anyis - Cenarion Gloves
Bacteria - Nightslayer Boots
Siris - Bracers of Might
Druina - Cenarion Belt
Namor - Cenarion Spaulders
Pinkee - Seal of the Archmagus
Lenas - Pants of Prophecy
Druina - Cenarion Leggings
Adrin - Earthshaker
Anatuieel - Nightslayer Cover
Beren - Drillborer Disk
Brittney - Talisman of Ephemeral Power
Luthiena - Lawbringer Gauntlets
Elexorion - Sabatons of Might
Siris - Belt of Might
Siris - Gauntlets of Might
Charmy - Arcanist Boots
Kalark - Helm of Wrath
Emcee - Bloodfang Hood
Chronius - Head of Onyxia
Chronius - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Drayconis - Ring of Binding
Lenas - The Eye of Divinity
Ailli - Fireproof Cloak
Siris - Core Forged Greaves
Sixthday - Lawbringer Chestguard
Azeil - Nightslayer Chestpiece
Praetorfenix - Staff of Dominance
Fylfot - Giantstalker's Epaulets
Kalark - Pauldrons of Might
Tlanyr - Cenarion Gloves
Ndb - Felheart Slippers
Tlanyr - Cenarion Spaulders
Luthiena - Seal of the Archmagus
Bacteria - Nightslayer Cover
Tlanyr - Cenarion Helm
Elexorion - Flameguard Gauntlets
Anyis - Cenarion Belt
Ganko - Gloves of Prophecy
Ailli - Crimson Shocker
Myuu - Giantstalker's Leggings
Marulain - Arcanist Leggings
Beren - Eskhandar's Right Claw
Ndb - Felheart Bracers
Aggy - Arcanist Boots
Beren - Heavy Dark Iron Ring
Adrin - Judgement Crown
Nomi - Halo of Transcendence
Druina - Head of Onyxia
Siris - Ring of Binding
Marulain - Onyxia Hide Backpack
Bigguy - Giantstalker's Breastplate
Bacteria - Nightslayer Chestpiece
Marulain - Azuresong Mageblade
Ventura - Nightslayer Shoulder Pads
Bigguy - Giantstalker's Epaulets
Sixthday - Lawbringer Belt
Luthiena - Lawbringer Bracers
Chalace - The Eye of Divinity
Fylfot - Wristguards of Trueflight
Sixthday - Fireproof Cloak
Anatuieel - Nightslayer Bracelets
Brittney - Arcanist Belt
Ailli - Arcanist Mantle
Anatuieel - Aged Core Leather Gloves
Charmy - Arcanist Crown
Darthos - Lawbringer Helm
Adrin - Flamewaker Legplates
Pinkee - Gloves of Prophecy
Drayconis - Heavy Dark Iron Ring
Fylfot - Giantstalker's Leggings
Pinkee - Pants of Prophecy
Chronius - Flameguard Gauntlets
Druina - Cenarion Gloves
Ataeus - Felheart Slippers
Adrin - Lawbringer Boots
Sweetlolita - Felheart Gloves
Tlanyr - Cenarion Belt
Aggy - Arcanist Gloves
Daelos - Boots of Prophecy
Elexorion - Pauldrons of Might
Luthiena - Shadowstrike
Druina - Cenarion Vestments
Fylfot - Blastershot Launcher
Ndb - Felheart Belt
Ndb - Felheart Robes
Anyis - Cenarion Spaulders
Brittney - Arcanist Mantle
Elementary Arcanist Crown
Adrin - Aurastone Hammer
Pirate - Lawbringer Legplates
Drayconis - Obsidian Edged Blade
Sixthday - Drillborer Disk
Myuu - Giantstalker's Boots
Daelos - Gloves of Prophecy
Myuu - Giantstalker's Bracers
Drayconis - Striker's Mark
Druina - Cenarion Boots
Lenas - Crimson Shocker
Adrin - Shadowstrike
Emcee - Nightslayer Shoulder Pads
Bigguy - Blastershot Launcher
Daelos - Robes of Prophecy
Luthiena - Lawbringer Chestguard
Bigguy - Pattern: Core Armor Kit
Peekahboo - Arcanist Gloves
Ventura - Nightslayer Boots
Emcee - Nightslayer Bracelets
Daelos - Seal of the Archmagus
Druina - Cenarion Spaulders
Marulain - Arcanist Crown
Beren - Helm of Might
Bacteria - Aged Core Leather Gloves
Lenas - Girdle of Prophecy
Darthos - Lawbringer Gauntlets
Drayconis - Sabatons of Might
Myuu - Striker's Mark
Chronius - Legplates of Might
Kalark - Flameguard Gauntlets
Brittney - Arcanist Boots
Beren - Gauntlets of Might
Ailli - Sorcerous Dagger
Praetorfenix - Arcanist Gloves
Marulain - Arcanist Mantle
Brittney - Mana Igniting Cord
Ventura - Nightslayer Cover
Chalace - Aurastone Hammer
Siris - Drillborer Disk
Meddy - Lawbringer Gauntlets
Knoxx - Ring of Spell Power
Beren - Medallion of Steadfast Might
Luthiena - Magma Tempered Boots
Praetorfenix - Arcanist Boots
Ataeus - Felheart Gloves
Sillymage Arcanist Leggings
Luthiena - Choker of Enlightenment
Nakedduck - Salamander Scale Pants

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Hakkar down!

Good job Butchers! We should've tried this a long time ago!

The drops were:
Warblade of the Hakkari (Warrax)
Gurabashi Dwarf Destroyer (Elexorion)
Heart of Hakkar (Ataeus)

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Tonight was our first try at Onyxia. We took down the big ugly dragon on our second attempt with only 33 members present!

Great job to the Butchers Raid Team comprised of members from the Butchers, We Arr Pirates and friends. Awesome teamwork everyone, I am proud of you all!

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The Butchers start running Molten Core!

Tonight was our first attempt at Molten Core with our new Raid Team. After finally getting all of our team into Molten Core we got off to a good start, killing Lucifron in our first try and we had no wipes and very few deaths until we reached Magmadar.

Congrats to Luthiena on winning the Choker of Enlightenment and to Nakedduck for the Salamander Scale Pants!

Magamadar will die on Sunday!

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The rest of the website...

Daelos (Pyro) is currently in the process of revamping the site, but the forums remain intact!

Our record from previous games is linked here: Butchers Match Record

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Congratulations Inga!

Congrats to Inga who is our first level 60! After many hard weeks of, well...playing games, today she reached the highest level in World of Warcraft!

Good job!

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World of Warcraft

The Butchers are now involved with World of Warcraft and have made it our "official" game. If you haven't played the game, try it. This is, in my opinion, the most addicting game that I have ever played!

Now if I could only get more than 6 hours of sleep per night... :(

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World of Warcraft Released!

As mentioned by Bigguy, World of Warcraft came out today! Yay!

For those that don't have it, you're missing out. Some of us swore to never pay a monthly fee to play a game, and those same people are now completely addicted. This game is more fun than anything I've played in a long time.

Feel free to join us! Post a message in our WoW forum with your name.

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With the relase of WoW today we will probably forget our manners - so before I forget:

Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving to all!

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Joint Operations!

The Butchers are currently playing Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising. If you are from the AA community and like playing JO, come on in and make a post. While we currently aren't planning on laddering in it anytime soon, in this game the more people playing together on comms the better. You can also catch me in irc idling in #butchers.

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The Butchers Leave America's Army

As I posted in the TWL AA Forums:

The Butchers have been on the TWL America's Army ladders since the beginning, having played AA:O since its release in July 2002. We have loved the game and have played a lot of matches on the 2v2 Team Combat, 2v2 Team Objective, 4v4 Objective, 6v6 Combat (the original AA ladder) and 6v6 Objective ladders as well as in the 6v6 Leagues and 4v4 Leagues. We have made it to #1 on the 2v2 Combat and the 4v4 Objective ladders and made it to the #2 spot on the other ladders, so we have held our own.

We have always been one of the top squads on a ladder, regardless of whether it was 2v2, 4v4 or 6v6. While we lacked the skill of some of the "elite" teams, we also lacked the arrogance of many of those same teams. We have butted heads with more than one team over current events at the time. Love us or hate us, we stood up for what we believed was right.

Version 2.1 simply has too many bugs for us to tolerate. We have stuck with the game since the beginning assuming that it would continue to improve, but at this point in time I cannot justify paying for a server that kicks our members due to coding problems that should not exist. The Butchers, as a team, is leaving AA, but a few of our Butchers Again members will remain for a short period...

We will stick around until the end of the 6v6 Invitational League as we do not feel right quitting during the season, even if the game has been adversely changed during that time. We do not intend to leave TWL, we will just move on to another game, possibly returning in the future if things change but that is unlikely.

I would like to express my thanks to my teammates who have done a great job over the past two years in America's Army: AKwolf, Angel, Bigguy, Blitz, GoingPostal, Lite_Em_Up, Mo, Pyro, Radix, Scarbane, StickS and 8B@ll.

There are a number of you that will be happy we are leaving, but I know that we have a few friends out there who don't necessarily share that feeling. To you, I say farewell. Some of those teams, but certainly not all, are: {Khuda}, 10thSFG, =JSS=, NR, FoX, and =BB=.

Finally I would like to thank those Team Warfare Ladder admins that affected us directly and made TWL the place to compete in America's Army matches:

Psicotic1 (what can I say, he's the reason this exists), Terror, Maddog, Purge, Patriots, Dotarp, Jeniva, Scarbane, Deleon and Kermit_T_Frog.

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The Butchers invited again to the 6v6 Invitational League

Received Thursday, June 10, 2004:
"Congratulations! Your team has been selected to play in the upcoming season of the America's Army 6v6 Invitational League. This season's league will consist of the top teams in TWL, so look forward to some great competition. The 6v6 invite league has become the premier competition in America's Army, and stands as an example to the rest of the community. For this reason, invite teams are held to a higher standard than teams in the open league when it comes to sportsmanship. We expect that you will show respect to the other teams you are in competition with as a member of the league.

If you think you are up to the challenge, please reply to this email with your acceptance. Also please reply if you are declining in order that another team can be invited in your stead.

Looking forward to a great season,


AA US League Admin"

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Come Back Train!!!!!

Tonight we faced off against CO on Weapons Cache after a stellar start on Assault we were led by some good strats and some seat of the pants shooting by Blitz and Pyro (who managed to pull off an ace the first round) things were looking good with the score being 4-2. After the switch to Defense I rotated out and let Bigguy play. In the first round on D Blitz pulled off an ace to send the score to 5-2. The next round in a terrible stroke of luck Punkbuster decided that Pyro, Blitz and Razor's PB packets were out of date so it purged them from the server leaving Bigguy all alone which ended up making the score 5-3. CO managed to tear up our defense by taking the vent the next 2 rounds tying it up at 5-5. Some seat of the pants thinking(and some excellent shooting ) by Pyro put us up 6-5. In the last round the team came together to pull off the win with the final score being 7-5. GG's CO
Assault team: Blitz, Pyro, Razorback and StickS.
Defense team: Bigguy, Blitz, Pyro and Razorback.

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America's Army: SF (Downrange) released

"The newest version v2.1 of AA:SF, codename America's Army: Special Forces (Downrange) has been released, Tuesday, 1 June 2004 for Windows, Mac, and Linux clients. This latest release in the America's Army game series continues to focus on the critical, specialized role of the Army's Special Forces within the U.S. Army as they fight the Global War on Terrorism, but expands the scope to include Stryker vehicles, and the M136 AT4."


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Butchers take IRC by storm!

Thanks to the hard work of Sc@r we have a registered IRC channel. Hop on and join #butchers and Ill love you forever.

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Power outage causes forfeit...

Our 4v4 team suffered a big setback on the TWL 4v4 Invitational League tonight. The first bad break was when we lost Blitz 20 minutes before match time. We started the match against PECK on JRTC_Farm down one teammate, but we were still determined as we like the map. Unfortunately our area in south central Delaware experienced a fairly severe thunderstorm at match time and our power and cable shut down. Pyro and I were able to reconnect, but Bigguy's cable remained down.

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Fight to a draw...

Well our last 2 4v4 Invite League matches ended in a draw, the first occured on MOUT McKenna against a very good team by the name of Fatal Impact, it was a knock down drag out kill fest which ended in a tie at 5-5-2. This week we squared off against the Chosen Ones on our least favorite of all maps (yes we disdain it even more then we do Recon), Bridge. Starting out on defense it quickly looked like we would be able to hold as we jumped out to a 3-0 lead, however CO had our number when they broke our defnse the following round. After that Blitz lost his connection to the server due to a critical error (thanks for making a buggy game devs) and our defense fell again making the score 3-2, after some regrouping we stop CO's next assault cold. After the switch to assault we quickly got shut down for the next four round, however while we were busy getting are heads shot off and our bodies exploded, we were taking notes about how CO was setting up their defense. The next round, we listened to Pyro (as we should have done before) and we quickly swept through CO's defense making the score 5-6 in CO's favor. The last round we stepped it up a bit and went allout, and charged the arch, which ended in Blitz getting naded, leaving 3 of us to assault. We quickly took out the defenders on the stairs and in the tower and pressed our assault. I managed to keep thier RPK gunner trapped in the lower room of the tower, while Pyro, in a scene that the Secret Service could only dream about, dove in front of Razor taking a chest full of hot lead to save his leader as he ran into the tunnel to force the tie. Great Games CO! Good Job to Razor, Pyro, Blitz, and yes, even to myself.

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Congratulations Bigguy!

My brother, aka Bigguy, was married today. Congratulations little bro! I wish you the best! :)

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Butchers Again Win!

War, Lite, 8Ball and Bigguy beat the The Eight Ball Clan on Bridge last night. After they went 6-0 on assault they won the first round of D for a 7-0 win.
GJ Butchers Again! GG to All!

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Invite League Win!

Tonight Razorback, Pyro, Blitz and myself fought to a 8-4 victory over Alpha Elite on Swamp Raid. We started out slow on assault promptly losing the first round and by the half it was all tied up at 3-3. After the switch to defense things quickly shifted in our favor, thanks in no small part to Pyro's awesome nading, and some dumb luck by the rest of us bullet catchers. We took 4 in a row on defense before we lost another round, and we managed to eek out the last one to claim a 8-4 win. GG's AE, always a pleasure.

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Open League Champs!

The Butchers claimed the TWL 6v6 Open League title with a 7-1 victory over Chosen Ones on SF CSAR. With this victory we finished undefeated in league play giving us a record of 12-0. Last nights starting lineup was Razorback, Pyro, Blitz, Radix, Bigguy, and StickS. Starting out of defnse we quickly went up 6-0 before the half, after a tough first round on assault, we sent everyone south in a rush de resitance, which promptly smashed through the defenses. Big w00t w00t goes to ALL members of the Butchers even if you didnt play any of the matches. Teams we would like to thank:
-69th, AE, IAF, BP Thanks for showing up to all the regular season matches and making it interesting for us.
-ISR and Vetro Thanks for the GREAT playoff games, you guys are great sportsmen and great players.
-CO Thanks for actually showing up for the final and playing despite connection problems, your a great bunch of guys and we look forward to playing you in the 4v4 Invitational League.
Special Thanks:
JSS, oR, NR, CF, and UEO Thanks for all the scrimmages and power ladder matches throughout the season and post-season.
TWL Thanks for fixing any problems that occured during the season and for making a good league that we are more than happy to continue to participate in.

Congrats to The Butchers!!!

Now lets celebrate! We've earned it!
w00t w00t!

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Welcome yet another new Butcher!

I'd like to be the first to welcome our newest member, Sc@r! Sc@r is no newcomer to America's Army having played with FR and {KHuDa} and is currently the Team Warfare Ladder's America's Army Match Observer Admin. Great to have you on the team, Sc@r!

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Congratulations to StickS!

StickS is a new TeamWarfare Ladder Match Observer! Good luck and have fun as an MO, StickS. I hope you get a lot of chances to MO our matches! j/k...

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Server IP Change

Our GoAA server ip has changed to

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Butchers Again vs. TF

The Butchers Again played TF tonight on River Basin. After a stellar 0-2 start we were able to pull our heads out of, er, I mean to regroup and win it 7-2.

GG's to TF!
Good job to 8Ball, WarPain and LiteEmUp.

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In recent news, Razor, Pyro and Angel are gone for the week on a Carribean cruise, while they bask in the sun and have fun, the rest of us are dying of boredom.

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Happy Easter!

From the Butchers to you, have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

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American Conference Champs!

The Butchers claimed the title of TWL 6v6 Open League American Conference Champs tonight in a match against Vetro Reloaded on the SF Sandstorm map. After about 30 minutes of trying to figure out why CDC wouldn't work, TWL admin Purge agreed to watch the match so we could play, so the first GG goes to him, THANKS Purge!!! Once the match was underway, Vetro made short work of us in the first round, with Durhai decimating our team. The next round we went on the offensive and managed to secure all 3 objectives for the win. We took the third round and managed to force a tie in the fourth. Using this momentum we managed to sweep the next 8 rounds for a 10-1-1 victory. GG's go out to Vetro who were great sports for the whole match.

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Invite League Update!

Regular Season

Week 1: Swamp Raid

Week 2: MOUT Mckenna

Week 3: Bridge

Week 4: Insurgent Camp

Week 5: JRTC Farm

This is for the first half of the season.

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The Butchers win 2nd round of the TWL Open League Playoffs

The Butchers played =ISR= Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance in the second round of the TWL 6v6 Open League Playoffs tonight on the River Basin map. =ISR= played a great game throughout the match taking it right down to the wire. The final score for the match: Butchers 7 - =ISR= 5

Great match guys! w00t!

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Welcome new Butcher

Welcome LunchBox aka Lite Em Up to the Butchers. I hope you enjoy yourself here!

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The Butchers Leave the TWL 4v4 Objective Ladder

After reaching 4th rung on the 4v4 Objective Ladder with an undefeated 10-0 record, we have decided to leave the ladder. We are doing this to allow us more time to concentrate our efforts on the upcoming 4v4 Invitational League and the 6v6 League.

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Butchers make the playoffs!

We played AE tonight on River Basin to remain undefeated in regular league play, we shut them out on defense and walked away with 2 wins on assault, that pretty much put the nails in the coffin. Final Score 8-4 BUTCHERS WIN! Good games AE. Thats puts us 9-0 in the league and at the top of our division. Good games to all the squads who made an effort to show during the season. GG's 69th, BP, IAF, and AE. Playoffs here we come!!!!

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TWL 4v4 Objective Win

Pyro, StickS, Blitz and I defeated {TNP} even though they had an ineligible player in the match. (GG)Viper_TG_O9 was added to {TNP}'s roster yesterday, March 11, 2004. Strangely enough GG likes River Basin! It was a very good match with a final score of 7-4. The Butchers went 4-2 on Defense and 3-2 on Assault to take the win. Good games guys!

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TWL 4v4 Objective Win

We played PNK, Polish Night Killers, for 5th place on the TWL 4v4 Objective ladder tonight defeating them with a 9-3 win on the Tunnel map. Pyro, Blitz, Bigguy and I played this one. Great games guys!

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Open League Win

The Butchers won last night's Open League match 12-0 over BP. While the score was lop-sided, BP definitely made a game of it and several rounds were very close. We should also mention that BP were sportsmen in the match throughout - there are many squads that could learn good sportsmanship from a squad like this!

Good games BP!

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Butchers make the invite!

The Butchers have been selected to participate in the 1st season of the TWL 4v4 Invitational League. Looking forward to some good matches with good teams. w00t w00t!

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4v4 Win!

Razor, Pyro, Blitz and myself played AE on River Basin for the 5th place spot on the 4v4 ladder. We came through with a 7-1 win, despite the score it was a fairly close match coming down to 1 or 2 players each round. Great Games AE, GJ Butchers!

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Open League Win!

Tonight we played =69th= for the 3rd time in the TWL open league, once again we were victorious, coming through with a 12-0 win on Insurgent Camp. Playing for The Butchers was Razorback, Bigguy, Pyro, Blitz, 8B@ll, and myself. GJ Guys! Good Games =69th=!
This puts us at 7-0 in the League with 3 weeks left to play, keep it up and we'll be in the playoffs.

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4v4 Power Ladder Win!

The Butchers played Americas Most Wanted on River Basin this after noon, we emerged from a very close match with a 7-5 win. Playing for «ß» on defense was Razor, Pyro, Blitz and Bigguy. On assault was Razor, Pyro, Blitz and myself. Gj guys, GG AMW.

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The Butchers defeats =AIS= on the TWL 4v4 Ladder

Despite Advanced Infiltration Squad's use of door games when they were defending on the Insurgent Camp map, the Butchers still defeated them 7-5. They gave a display of poor sportsmanship from the start of the match through the end, but at least they are consistent. Pyro, Blitz, Bigguy and I represented the Butchers. This win gives us a 7/0 record and puts us in 9th place on the US 4v4 Ladder. Good job Butchers!

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The Butchers play our first TWL 4v4 Power Ladder match

The Butchers played their first 4v4 Power Ladder match this President's Day afternoon defeating Check Six, x6, 7-1 on the Insurgent Camp map starting from Assault. We have two upcoming matches, one on the 4v4 Objective Ladder and one on the Open League, so this is in preparation for those matches.

Good games to Check Six, and our members, Bigguy, Blitz, Pyro and myself!

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The Butchers defeats {TNP} in 2v2 Team Combat

Pyro and I defended our second place position on the TWL 2v2 Team Combat ladder tonight with a final score of 4-2. We played the Swamp Raid map and have been pulling leeches off of us ever since it ended. Good match guys!

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League Win over IAF!

This match was hands down the most exciting match we've had in awhile. We started out on assault and were tied 3-3 by the half. After the half we stepped it up a notch and fought it out to 6-5. The last round they broke through the south taking 8ball, Razor, Radix and Blitz with them, Pyro and I fought them down to 3 guys before Pyro was finished off, leaving me to do the dirty work. I managed to take down all 3 to claim the win. Great Game IAF! I loved every minute of it!

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Butchers Too Win!

Bigguy and I played a VERY intense match vs MIB on Weapons Cache. We broke even on defense making the score 3-3 at the half, after moving to assault it looked grim after a quick loss however we came back to take a 6-5 lead. The last round Bigguy decided to see how good I really was so he decided to kill himself. Knowing what I had to do I quickly rushed the north staircase and managed to kill both opfor, see Bigguy now you know I can do it on my own so don't do that again. Great Games to MIB that's the most intense match I have played in LONG time.

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4v4 Win over The Heartbreakers!

The Butchers claimed a spot in the top 25 on the 4v4 ladder tonight with a win over The Heartbreakers on HQ Raid. Claiming the win for The Butchers was Pyro, Razorback, Blitz and yours truly. Final score was 7-3. Great Games H*

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Butchers take 2nd place on the TWL AA 2v2 Combat Ladder

Pyro and I defeated =JSS= (Just Some Squad) tonight on the JRTC Farm map with a final score of 4-0. This moves us from 3rd to 2nd place on that ladder with an undefeated record of 13-0. Good games =JSS=!

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Open League win on CSAR!

The Butchers played =69th= tonight to remain undefeated in the Open League, we came out on top with a 10-2 win. This puts us 5-0 in the Open League! Good Games =69th=

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The Butchers take 26th place on the 4v4 Ladder!

The Butchers played AIrBoRnE tonight finishing with a convincing 7-1 win starting from Assault first. Our 4v4 squad tonight consisted of Bigguy, Blitz, Pyro and yours truly. This moves us to 26th in our return to the 4v4 ladder, with a return record of 5-0. Great match guys, that's the way it's supposed to be done!

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Open League win on Radio Tower!

Well this was the first time this season we actually got to play a league match. Big thanks to =69th= for actually bothering to show up, unlike most teams that participate in the league. Not much to say about this one, an awesome defensive strategy coupled with some great tactics on assault resulted in a 12-0 victory in our favor. GGs =69th=

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Best wishes to all!

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Tis the season to go bankrupt!

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The Butchers welcome their newest member!

Welcome St!ckS, former member of PHX! We have been playing fun games with St!ckS for some time now and he wants to get in on the killing! Welcome aboard! w00t!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

From the Butchers to all of you, happy Thanksgiving! Now go stuff yourselves :)

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League Time!

After numerous delays, it looks like the league will finally be starting on November 10!

We will be in the Alpha Division, which consists mainly of teams we have never faced, so it should be an interesting season, to say the least. Either way, it will be fun to see some 6v6 action again!

The map schedule for this season is as follows:

#1 Pipeline
#2 Mountain pass
#3 Weapons Cache SE
#4 Radio Tower
#6 Swamp Raid
#7 Insurgent Camp
#8 River Basin
#9 SF SandStorm
#10 HQ Raid

Good luck to everyone!

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The Butchers welcome a new member

The Butchers would like to welcome Radix to our team. He has played with us in the past and we have made him an official member. Welcome Radix!

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Butchers Too take 1st Place on the TWL 2v2 Combat Ladder!

Last night, Bigguy and 8B@ll defeated 2nd Marine Force Recon 2nd to claim 1st place on the 2v2 Team Combat Ladder tonight on the Collapsed Tunnel map. Final score was Butchers Too - 7, 2nd - 2, with 2 ties. Good job guys!

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Butchers vs Fight Club

The Butchers played FC on the TWL 4v4 Objective Ladder tonight on the Tunnel map. We defeated Fight Club 7-3 in a very exciting match. Great games!

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Butchers Too Defeat The Heartbreakers!

On August 23rd, Bigguy and 8B@ll, our Butchers Too 2v2 Team Combat team moved to 3rd place on the TWL 2v2 Objective Ladder by beating H* on the Weapons Cache map with a final score of Butchers-4, Heartbreakers-3 with Overtime at MOUT McKenna map! Great job Butchers Too! (I knew you would win!)

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Butchers vs =BB= TWL 6v6

The Butchers defended their position against the Blood Brothers on Wednesday night on the TWL Team Objective 6v6 Ladder. We played the Radio Tower map and the final score was Butchers 7 wins, 4 losses. Good match =BB=!

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«ß» vs -SAW- TWL 2v2

Pyro and I played -SAW- for 2nd place on the TWL 2v2 Team Combat Ladder tonight. We played on the Swamp Raid map crawling through the muck for 12 rounds. Final score: ßutchers - 4, Soldiers At Work - 3. Great match -SAW-!

Welcome New Member!

The ßutchers welcome our newest member, Punisher, formerly of fHr. We look forward to playing him. Welcome!

«ß» vs ST-6 2v2

The ßutchers played Seal Team 6 for first place on the TWL 2v2 Team Combat ladder last night. ST-6 defeated us 4-1, but that is not the news.

Throughout the match Seal Team 6 acted in the most unsportsmanlike fashion that we have seen in TWL, badgering us by typing insults and sarcasm in the Global Chat through several rounds and continuing it between rounds. They only slowed down when the Match Observer asked them to stop.

While these guys are skilled players, they seriously lack in social skills. They were unbelievably bad sports because we played Team Combat and not Team Objective rules on the TEAM COMBAT LADDER!

Poor showing, ST-6!

Congratulations to «ß»Pyro!

I would like to extend my congratulations to Pyro for making first place on the rankings! w00t! w00t!

The ßutchers Now Have a Second Server

We now have an Official SCI Honor server with 12 slots.


«ß» vs [v75th] TWL 4v4

The ßutchers played Virtual 75th tonight in a match on the TWL 4v4 Team Objective Ladder. [v75th] was a fun team to match and fought a good battle. «ß» took the win on MOUT McKenna with a final score of 4 Wins - 1 Loss - 7 Ties. Good match!

Welcome New Member!

The ßutchers would like to welcome our newest member to the squad. Welcome Naillo!

«ß» vs [11W]Angels of Wrath

We played a TWL AA 4v4 match tonight on the HQ Raid map. The ßutchers attacked [11W] for 33rd place (after rejoining the 4v4 ladder), defeating them with a final score of 12-0. Fun match and [11W] are always a good team in a server. Good games!

Only a month or so...

Hmm...I guess we need to get around to posting news more often. Since the last update, we've played =RCR= 4v4, and [NR] and {DS} 2v2, going 7-0, 5-1-4, and 10-1-1, respectively. Good games to each of them, and it seems we won't be playing anyone else for a week or so. We had several matches scheduled, but due to the release of 1.7, they were killed, and due to various bugs, our next wave of matches were killed, so until we come off rest on the 2v2 and 6v6 ladders, our only hope for a match is 4v4 in the next two weeks! Talk about a tight schedule, right?

«ß» vs [MARVEL]

The ßutchers defended 8th place on the TWL 6v6 Objective ladder last night against [MARVEL]. It was a very hard fought match on Pipeline - a map on which we have very little experience. After a very challenging and fun 12 rounds, «ß» emerged victorious (7-5) over the superheroes/villains. Very good games [MARVEL]!

«ß» vs ]RPE[ TWL AA 2v2

The ßutchers defeated Royal Penguin Empire on the JRTC Farm map with a final score of 5 Wins, 1 Loss. We were moved from second place to 16th place when I failed to respond to a match challenge from ]RPE[ on February 15th. We have now regained what we lost by forfeit! Good games. w00t! w00t!

«ß» vs «ß» TWL AA 2v2

The ßutchers played the ßutchers 2nd Division in a TWL 2v2 match last night. «ß» won! Good games to Bigguy, 8ß@ll, Mo and Razorback, fun match!

C&C:Generals Ladder

«ß» has joined the TWL Command & Conquer:Generals 2v2 Ladder. It's a great game that Blitz, Bonez, Pyro, Bigguy and Razorback play, so we will be kicking butt on another ladder soon!

«ß» vs [MIB] TWL AA 6v6 League

The ßutchers defeated Men In Black on the Bridge map for the Team Warfare America's Army 6v6 League with a final score of 9-1. Good match all!

ßutchers 2nd Division Is Formed

On January 24, 2003, the ßutchers 2nd Division was formed for our second team on the TWL AA 2v2 Ladder. So far it is comprised of 8ß@ll, the Team Captain, and Beatrix. Good luck guys!

«ß» vs [2ID] TWL Objective 6v6

The ßutchers defeated 2nd Infantry Division tonight to move from 10th to 4th on the TWL Team Objective 4v4 Ladder. We played the Tunnel map and the final score was Butchers 8 wins, 3 losses. Good match all!

«ß» vs -LSD- TWL AA 2v2 Ladder

The ßutchers moved from third to 2nd on the TWL AA 2v2 Ladder tonight by defeating Logistical Strategic Defense 6-2-4 on the HQ Raid map. -LSD- played a good match. Good games!

Happy 1st Anniversary «ß»!

How could I have missed our anniversary?! As of January 16, 2003, the ßutchers had officially been around for one year. Now it's a year and a week, but either way,


It was an excellent first year, and I'm sure we all enjoyed it very much. Every one of us changed immensely, in skill, how well we work together, and in numerous other ways.

We played a total of 52 Ghost Recon matches, with a final record of 38 wins and 14 losses. Our America's Army record as of the 16th showed a total of 38 matches, with 31 wins and 7 losses. That's a total of 90 matches in our first year!

It was a great first year playing together as the ßutchers with all of you, and I look forward to a just as great (and successful) second year!

«ß» vs STS TWL AA League

The ßutchers played Seattle Terror Squad tonight for match #3 of the TWL AA League. «ß» defeated STS 12-0 on the HQ Raid map. STS is a really great bunch of guys with good attitudes. It was a pleasure playing with them. Good games!

«ß» vs 10thSFG TWL Objective 6v6

The ßutchers played 10thSFG tonight on the Tunnel map defending our 10th place position on the TWL 6v6 Objective Ladder. «ß» defeated 10thSFG with a final score of 7 wins for the ßutchers, 3 losses. Good match guys! Maybe we should join the Wargames ladder?

«ß» vs RDF Fragpin 4v4

The ßutchers played their least enjoyable America's Army game in a rare afternoon match with a Dutch squad. Royal Dutch Forces were disrespectful, vulgar and were unsportsmanlike in every respect. We have never come across a squad with as poor sportsmanship in America's Army or Ghost Recon. We defeated RDF handily in the Insurgent Camp map with a final score of 12 wins for the Butchers, 0 losses. We hope to never have to play these guys again!

«ß» vs CKA TWL AA 4v4

The ßutchers played Canada Kicks Ass in a TWL 4v4 match tonight. We played the Tunnel map which is always total mayhem. «ß» was victorious, with 7 wins and 3 losses. Good games CKA.

«ß» vs [CoC] TWL AA 2v2

The ßutchers played Chain of Command in a 2v2 match last night on the HQ Raid map. «ß» defeated [CoC] with 4 wins, 2 losses and 5 ties. Good match all!

«ß» vs [11W] TWL 6v6 League

The ßutchers played a fantastic match against 11th Wolverines tonight, defeating them 7-3. This match was for the Team Warfare America's Army Team Objective 6v6 League and was played on the JRTC Farm map. Very fun game!

«ß» vs [WM] TWL AA Team Objective 6v6

The ßutchers played WidowMakers on the Insurgent Camp map in a 6v6 match last night. «ß» defeated [WM] with a final score of 7 wins, 1 loss. We moved up one place on the ladder with this win. Good match!

The ßutchers Welcome Beatrix to the Team

Although relatively new to America's Army, Beatrix has been a long time friend and is learning the game quickly. With a little more time we feel that he will prove a valualble asset. We look forward to playing the game with him. Welcome to the team Beatrix!

«ß» vs {Khuda} TWL AA 2v2 Ladder

The ßutchers matched {Khuda}Rangers on the Team Warlfare America's Army 2v2 Ladder last night. The JRTC_Farm map was played. «ß» defeated {Khuda} with 8 wins, 2 losses and 2 ties. This win moves the ßutchers to third place on the ladder. Good match!

«ß» vs ST-6 TWL AA 4v4

The ßutchers undefeated 4v4 record ended with a loss to Seal Team Six on the HQ Raid map. Final score was ßutchers 3, ST-6 6 and 1 tie round. Well played ST-6.

«ß» vs [1st]

The ßutchers scrimmaged with First Infantry Division tonight. Thanks for the games [1st]!

«ß» vs [1]75th TWL AA 2v2

The ßutchers played 1/75th Rangers tonight on the River Basin map. «ß» defeated [1]75th with 4 Wins, 1 Loss and 5 Ties. What a lousy 2v2 map!

«ß» vs [82nd] TWL Team Combat 6v6

The ßutchers moved from 6th to 5th place on the TWL Team Combat Ladder tonight by defeating [82nd]Airborne with 8 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie round. Very fun match; good games [82nd]!

«ß» vs ST-6 TWL AA 2v2

The ßutchers were defeated by Seal Team Six on the Insurgent Camp map, with 3 losses, 2 wins and 7 ties.

«ß» vs {E-Z} FragPin 5v5 Team Objective Ladder

The ßutchers played their first FragPin AA ladder match tonight. This was also the first FragPin AA match to be played by any teams! «ß» defeated E-Z Co. 101st on the Insurgent Camp map 12-0. Good games all!

«ß» vs [1]75th TWL AA 2v2

The ßutchers played 1/75th Rangers last night on the Insurgent Camp map. «ß» defeated [1]75th 8 Wins, 0 Losses and 1 Tie. Fun match guys!

«ß» vs [Fox] TWL AA 4v4 Ladder

The ßutchers defended their unbeaten record on the Team Warfare 4v4 Ladder tonight by defeating Marion's Brigade Fox on the JRTC Farm map. Final score was «ß» 9, [Fox] 1. The parachute jump always adds a twist to the Attack side! Good games!

«ß» vs |CO| TWL AA 2v2

The ßutchers played Chosen Ones in a TWL AA 2v2 match tonight on the Insurgent Camp map. It was a very fun match, «ß» defeated |CO| 10-2. Good games to all!

«ß» vs ]RPE[ TWL AA Team Combat 6v6

The ßutchers played Royal Penguin Empire on the Weapons Cache map tonight. ]RPE[ defeated «ß» with a score of 3 Wins, 5 Losses, 4 Ties, but not without a strange occurrence during the second round when we were on Assault. ]RPE[ claimed to have a bug with a player and demanded that we halt the match, but while we typed, their teammates rushed, it would seem to look at our positions. They rushed to those positions in the following round. In another map, Pyro was trapped in a corridor due to a member of ]RPE[ blocking a door.

«ß» vs [x4] TWL AA Team Objective 6v6

The ßutchers played Xternal Affairs on the new River Basin map tonight. «ß» successfully defended their ladder position by defeating [x4] with a final score of 9-3, winning the first seven maps straight. Good games all!

«ß» vs Khuda {Rangers} TWL AA 4v4

The ßutchers played Khuda {Rangers} tonight in a match for the Team Warfare 4v4 Team Objective Ladder. We played on the Pipeline map defeating Khuda 8-2. The ßutchers remain undefeated and retain their #1 ladder position! Great games Khuda, always enjoyable gaming with you guys!

«ß» vs [1-6] TWL AA 2v2

Last night, the ßutchers matched [1-6] Infantry (Regulars) on the Insurgent Camp map for the TWL America's Army 2v2 Ladder. «ß» defeated [1-6] 12-0. Good games!

«ß» vs [CoC] TWL AA 2v2

The ßutchers played Chain of Command tonight in a 2v2 Team Combat match. Swamp Raid is always a fun map. «ß» defeated [CoC] 6 Wins, 0 Losses, 1 Tie. Fun game guys!

«ß» vs [11W] TWL AA Team Objective 6v6

The ßutchers played 11th Wolverines last night on the HQ Raid map. It was a very good match on a fun map. «ß» defeated [11W] 7-0. Great match everyone!

Thanksgiving Break!

Several of the ßutchers are travelling during the period of November 23 - December 2nd. We will not be able to schedule any 4v4 or 6v6 matches during this time period. Good luck and have a safe holiday!

«ß» vs {Khuda} TWL AA 2v2

The ßutchers played {Khuda}Killers on the Swamp Raid map tonight. «ß» defeated {Khuda} 5W-1L-4T. This moved «ß» to 3rd place on the 2v2 ladder. Good games all!

«ß» vs [82nd] TWL AA Team Combat 6v6

The ßutchers played [82nd]Airborne last night in a very good Team Combat match on the Weapons Cache map. «ß» defeated [82nd] with 6 Wins - 4 Losses -2 Ties. «ß» moves up to 5th on the Team Combat 6v6 ladder! Great match everyone!

«ß» vs APX TWL AA Team Objective

The ßutchers played the #1 ranked 6v6 team, American Punx, last night on the Weapons Cache map. APX beat us good 0-7. Good job APX.

«ß» vs {Khuda} Rangers TWL AA 4v4

The ßutchers successfully defended our #1 position on the Team Warfare 4v4 Ladder on November 13, 2002. We played JRTC_Farm which favors Defense, and the Attackers have to make the parachute jump from the plane. The ßutchers won 8-4, going 7-0 for the first seven rounds. Fun map, good games!

«ß» vs *CDN* TWL 2v2

The ßutchers played Canada Kicks Ass on Monday in a 2v2 match. Blitz and Pyro represented «ß» during this match, engaging in many tense firefights with *CKA* on Pipeline. *CKA* played well, but the ßutchers managed to pull off the win, 6-4-1. Great match *CKA*!

«ß» vs [11W] TWL AA Team Objective 6v6

The ßutchers also played 11th Wolverines in a Team Objective match last night. We played on Swamp Raid which is a good map; it always seems to be tense with a lot of action. «ß» defeated [11W] 7-3. Great match guys!

«ß» vs ST-6 TWL AA Team Combat 6v6

The ßutchers played Seal Team Six for a Team Combat match last night. ST-6 defeated «ß» 6-1. Good games all!

«ß» vs fHr TWL 2v2

The ßutchers played French Hackers Revolution tonight in a 2v2 on the Bridge map. Bigguy and Razorback played the Attack side while Blitz and Pyro played the Defense side. fHr played well, defeating «ß» 0-4-6. Good games fHr!

«ß» vs [mOx] TWL 4v4

The ßutchers played Military Of Excellence on the Insurgent Camp map tonight on the TWL AA 4v4 ladder. This ladder uses the Team Objective rules. [mOx] played very well, resulting in a very challenging match. The match went into Overtime, with the ßutchers winning MOUT McKenna. Final score «ß» 7, [mOx] 6, with the ßutchers retaining their first place on the Team Warfare America's Army 4v4 Ladder. Good games guys!

«ß» vs 11B TWL 2v2

The ßutchers defeated 11Bravo in a 2v2 match on the Swamp Raid map last night. Once again, 11B did not understand the rules, scoring incorrectly. Final correct score: ßutchers - 4, 11B - 1, Ties - 5.

«ß» vs [WAR] TWL 4v4

The ßutchers defeated [WAR] 7-1 in a 4v4 Objective Ladder match tonight retaining their #1 position. Good teamwork ßutchers!

«ß» vs [MIB] TWL Team Objective 6v6

The ßutchers played Men In Black on October 24, 2002 for a ladder match on Pipeline. The Men In Black played a very good game. «ß» defeated [MIB] 9-1. This win moves the ßutchers to 14th place on the Team Objective Ladder. Very enjoyable match [MIB], thanks!

«ß» vs [11W]

The ßutchers played Eleventh Wolverines in a TWL AA Team Combat 6v6 match. «ß» extends their winning streak by defeating [11W] 7-1 on the Mountain Pass map. Good games all!

«ß» vs -UF- TWL 2v2

Bigguy and Razorback played Userfriendly in a 2v2 match on the Team Warfare Ladder this evening. «ß» won the match 6-0 on the Insurgent Camp map. GGs all!

«ß» vs 11Bravo TWL AA 4v4

The ßutchers defeated ElevenBravo 7-1 in a Team Warfare Ladder 4v4 match last night. Unfortunately, 11Bravo was unprepared for the match and were unclear about the rules. Good games ßutchers!

TRWG Online - Butchers Interview!

Stealth Soldier from TRWG Online ( ) did a brief interview with me tonight about the ßutchers and some of our history. Read about it here .


The ßutchers defeated the Global Assault Team 7-1 tonight. Despite teammates dropping from the game repeatedly, «ß» played well and won the game. Good games all!

«ß» vs Vanhiz TWL AA 2v2

Razorback and Pyro lost 7-3 to Vanhiz today in a TWL 2v2 match. Vanhiz played very well and we played poorly; the combination did not help the outcome! This moved the ßutchers down to third place on the 2v2 ladder. Good games Vanhiz!

«ß» vs 3/325th Airborne - TWL AA 2v2

Pyro and Razorback defeated 3/325th Airborne tonight with 6 Wins, 0 Losses and 3 Ties. Very fun match with Psicotic and Gaddy on Swamp Raid! The ßutchers moved from from 11th to 2nd place on the Team Warfare's 2v2 America's Army Ladder. Good games guys!

«ß» vs J.19 TWL TEAM COMBAT 6v6

The ßutchers played their second match in the same night. This was a TWL America's Army Team Combat match (6v6). «ß» defeated J.19 10-2 on the Tunnel map. Since J.19 challenged us, the ßutchers remain in 18th out of 162 teams on the ladder. Good games everyone!

«ß» vs UAS TWL AA 2v2

The ßutchers played their first TWL America's Army 2v2 match against the Unemployed All-Stars. Pyro and Razorback played in this match defeating UAS 8-3 on the Bridge map. This moves «ß» to 11th out of 64 teams on the 2v2 ladder. Good games all!


The ßutchers welcome Bonez to the squad! Bonez was in... {T§} where we played in many matches together in DFLW. Bonez will be a great asset to «ß» and we look forward to playing some more matches with him! WELCOME!

«ß» vs [MARVEL]

On September 23rd the ßutchers played their first match in the TWL America's Army 6v6 Team Combat ladder. The ßutchers won the Attack side of the Insurgent Camp map handily, but [MARVEL] was not prepared and did not understand the rules. After a long discussion of the rules, [MARVEL] lost 2 of their members and we were unable to finish the match. TWL awarded «ß» the forfeit win.

No More Ghost Recon for «ß»

Ghost Recon will no longer be one the games played by the ßutchers in matches. It is time to move on and at this time America's Army is our game of choice!


The ßutchers welcome another squadmate from the past, AkWolf. AkWolf was a former member of {T§} and is now active in America's Army. AK will be a valuable asset for the ßutchers. Welcome aboard!

«ß» vs AOD

The ßutchers were defeated 2-1 by AOD in a match for the Rumble ladder. Good games AOD!

Butcher Shop Dedicated T1 Server

The ßutchers have a dedicated T1 server up for America's Army and it is ready for matches, practice and fun. Server IP is and the name is Butcher Shop Dedicated T1 Server. Come join in the fun!

«ß» vs CDN

The ßutchers played Canadian Defense Network this evening in the most enjoyable match in quite a while! Thanks for the match CЎN! Good games! «ß» won 2-1. This moved the ßutchers to 45th out of 55 on The Rumble ladder.

«ß» vs 1stMEU

The Butchers played 1stMEU in their first 6 vs 6 match in the Rumble, defeating 1stMEU 2-1. Good playing guys (and lady!) This puts «ß» back on the ladder in 55th place.

The ßutchers Rejoin The Rumble

After taking a 9 day "hiatus" from The Rumble, «ß» has signed up again for the ladder. While currently unranked, as soon as the application is approved we will begin our upward ascent, rung by rung. Our intention this time is to meet and play as many Rumble squads as possible. This time we will not be limiting our matches to solely 4 vs 4! Let's have some more fun!


The ßutchers welcome two former teammates from {T§} to the ßutchers, Frosty (formerly Catnap) and 8Ball! «ß» will be more formidable than ever!

The ßutchers leave The Rumble Ladder

After our last Rumble match the ßutchers have unanimously decided to reduce our Ghost Recon matching to the Team Warfare Ladder. We are leaving TheRumble ladder effective August 23, 2002.

We feel that TheRumble is the best Ghost Recon ladder in existence and have played 48 Rumble matches making it as high as #2. Many of these matches were very challenging battles of tactics and skill. The question of cheating exists and a working "Anti-Cheat Patch" must be developed to remove the doubts. If such a patch is created the ßutchers may reconsider and return as an unranked squad.

The ßutchers are making the change from Ghost Recon to America's Army (Army Operations) as our primary game. We have entered Team Warfare Ladder's America's Army ladder effective August 24, 2002. It's a great game and we plan to kick some major butt!

«ß» vs Nomad

On August 22, 2002, the ßutchers were defeated 2-0 by Nomad.

«ß» vs =SD=

=SD= challenged the ßutchers to a Rumble match last night. After a 3 hour campfest we defeated =SD= 2-1.

«ß» vs CLONE

The ßutchers played CLONE in our first match for the Team Warfare Ladder defeating CLONE 2-0. The Team Warfare Ladder engine randomly assigned MP06 Castle and DP02 Day Farm for the first and second maps. Good match CLONEs!

«ß» vs WNx

The ßutchers beat Warrior Nation in an epic 4 hour match for TheRumble ladder last night defeating WNx 2-1.


We play 4 vs 4 Ghost Recon matches in TheRumble ladder and Team Warfare Ladder. We are usually looking for a match, so please challenge us! We can often play the same night if we do not already have a match set up. Contact Razorback by ICQ at 104634562 or email at

«ß» vs WoR

WoR challenged us to a match last night, July 26th. The ßutchers were victorious with a 2-1 win over WoR. Good games WoR, calling the Training map was a surprise!

«ß» vs BSR

The ßutchers matched Black Sheep Retribution in an impromtu Rumble match last night defeating BSR 2-0. Good games BSR!

«ß» vs Nomad

The ßutchers unsuccessfully defended the 2nd place spot in TheRumble ladder tonight. Nomad won 2-0 over «ß» in good style. Good playing Nomad.

«ß» vs =VO=

The ßutchers matched with Virtual Ops for TheRumble ladder tonight and were defeated 2-1. Good games =VO=, very challenging! We look forward to a rematch!

«ß» vs 13thEA

The ßutchers played Elite Assassins: 13th Platoon in a second match last night. 13thEA defeated «ß» 2-1. Good playing 13thEA!

«ß» vs WNx

The ßutchers played Warrior Nation last night. «ß» defeated WNx 2-0. Good games all!

«ß» vs 4:20

The ßutchers played 4:20 in a very fun match on TheRumble ladder tonight. These guys are a blast to play with! «ß» won 2-0. Great games all!

The ßutchers join Team Warfare Ladder

«ß» vs FuJaX

The ßutchers played FuJaX in an impromptu match for TheRumble ladder on July 7, 2002. «ß» defeated FuJaX 2-0. Good games everyone!

«ß» vs {T§}

The ßutchers defeated The §ect 2-1 in a match for TheRumble ladder on July 3, 2002. Good maps and good games all!

«ß» vs UDTS

The ßutchers defeated Underwater Demolitions Team Seals 2-1 in a match for TheRumble ladder. You guys played well! Good games all!

«ß» vs Ir0n

Insane Riflemen On Napalm Fumes defeated The ßutchers 2-1 in a match for TheRumble ladder. Good playing Ir0n! Good games all.

«ß» vs DOC

The ßutchers were defeated 2-1 by Disciples of Carnage in a late night match for TheRumble ladder. DOC was most impressive! These guys provided some of the toughest competition that we have come upon in the ladder and we salute them! Good games DOC!

«ß» vs =VO=

The ßutchers played Virtual Ops in a match for TheRumble ladder on June 26, 2002. =VO= are great competition and always fun to match. We look forward to playing these great guys again! Final score «ß» 2 - 0 over =VO=. Great games =VO=!

«ß» vs Nomad

The ßutchers defeated Nomad 2-0 to take the number three spot on TheRumble ladder tonight. Very good games on good maps. Great games to all involved!

«ß» vs *CDN*

The ßutchers played Canadian Defense Network in a match for TheRumble ladder on June 24, 2002. «ß» defeated *CDN* 2-0 in some good matches. Good games *CDN*, hope to match with you again soon!

«ß» vs Xcal

The ßutchers played Xcalibur in a match for TheRumble ladder. Xcal defeated us 2-0, spamming us into oblivion in the first map, POW Camp. We lost the whole squad to spamming at the start of the first play, and it went downhill from there... Good job Xcal.

«ß» vs CLONE

The ßutchers played the CLONE clan in a match for TheRumble ladder, defeating the CLONEs 2-0. Very fun match on fun maps! Great match CLONEs, hope to match you again soon!

«ß» vs 1stMEU

The ßutchers played 1st Marine Expeditionary Unit in another Rumble match on June 17, 2002 following the match with =VO=. 1stMEU played very well in two tight matches. Final match score was 2-0 in favor of the ßutchers! Great games 1stMEU! We look forward to another match in the future!

«ß» vs =VO=

The ßutchers played Virtual Ops in a match for TheRumble ladder on June 17, 2002. «ß» defeated =VO= 2-0 in a good match. We enjoyed playing =VO= and hope to match again soon. Good match all!

Happy Fathers' Day!

Happy Fathers' Day to Razorback, GoingPostal, and all the other dads out there in the game!

New Website Design!

After many hours of hard work, it's finally up!

I, for one, am pleased with the results as far as look and function. Considering the fact that I've changed all pages to php in some way, shape, or form, it's bound to be a heck of a lot easier to update than the last one, too (yea!)

«ß» vs *CFi

The ßutchers played CyberForce Incorporated in an impromptu match for theRumble ladder. «ß» defeated *CFi 2-0. Good games all!

«ß» vs 4:20

The ßutchers were challenged to a match for theRumble ladder by the 4:20 clan. «ß» smoked 4:20 in a 2-0 defeat. Good games dudes!

«ß» vs TFO

The ßutchers were challenged to a match for theRumble ladder by The Final Option. «ß» defeated TFO 2-0. Good job!

«ß» vs |FAST|

The ßutchers defeated Fleet Antiterrorism Security Team in a closely fought match. The ßutchers made a come-from-behind victory after |FAST| won the first map. Final score was 2-1 in favor of «ß»! Good games all!

«ß» vs {T§}

The ßutchers played The §ect in a match for TheRumble ladder. «ß» defeated {T§} 2-1 in a hard fought battle. Well played match, {T§}, we look forward to playing you again soon!

«ß» vs AOD

The ßutchers defeated the Angels of Death 2-1 in another impromtu challenge this evening. Good games played by all!

«ß» vs Xcal

The ßutchers were defeated 2-0 by Xcalibur in a match in theRumble ladder. Well played match Xcal!

«ß» vs AOD

The Angels of Death challenged The ßutchers to a match for theRumble ladder tonight. «ß» defeated AOD 2-0 in a fun match. Good games to all! The ßutchers remain in 4th place on theRumble ladder.

«ß» vs WNx

The ßutchers played another impromptu match for theRumble ladder after being challenged by the Warrior Nation clan in a server today. The ßutchers claimed a 2-1 victory over WNx in a challenging and fun match. Good games all!

«ß» vs =OSS=

The ßutchers played Old School Soldiers in an impromtu match, defeating them 2-0. =OSS= played very well and showed a lot of class. Enjoyable match =OSS=! We'll see you again, I'm sure.

«ß» vs DS

The ßutchers matched Dark Sentinel for theRumble ladder. -\DS/- played very well defeating «ß» 2-0. Good games -\DS/-!

«ß» vs TFO

The ßutchers played The Final Option in TheRumble ladder. «ß» beat TFO 2-1 in a tense match with a great finish. Good games TFO! This moves The ßutchers to 4th place in The Rumble ladder! w00t! w00t!

«ß» vs EK

The ßutchers played the Elite Killers tonight winning 2-0, advancing us to 7th on TheRumble...again. Good clean games with no complaining, just the way it should be! Fun games, EK! We look forward to a rematch!

«ß» vs 13PLT (13thEA)

The ßutchers played 13PLT/13EA tonight. What great games! These guys are another class act! «ß» won 2-1 but all were hard fought games each and every one! We look forward to playing 13thEA again!

«ß» vs NAS

The ßutchers played the North American Snipers in a Rumble match today, defeating NAS 2-1. Good games all!

Update on Allies

The ßutchers are no longer allied with Ir0n.

«ß» vs Nomad

The ßutchers played Nomad on Saturday and lost 2-1. The first map Nomad played very well, beating us in both playings. We chose a Desert Siege map for the first time in a match and won it 2-0, but had two draws with only one player left in each! In the third map Nomad again dominated, beating us 2-0. Nomad must be doing their homework and it shows! Great, fun games Nomad, we look forward to a rematch! The ßutchers are currently in 9th out of 50 ranked Ghost Recon clans on TheRumble ladder.

«ß» vs SoH

The ßutchers played the Soldiers of "Honor" on Wednesday and won 2-1. We are now in 10th place in TheRumble. Good job ßutchers!

«ß» vs Nomad

The ßutchers played Nomad on Tuesday. We won 2-0, moving up to rank number 12 on TheRumble ladder. Excellent match Nomad!

«ß» vs SoH

On Thursday, the ßutchers had a match with the Soldiers of Honor for TheRumble and lost 0-2. Good games SoH!

«ß» vs FuJaX

The ßutchers had a match with FuJaX on Sunday for TheRumble and won 2-0, moving up to rank 16 on the ladder.

«ß» vs WNx

We had a match with Warrior Nation on Tuesday for TheRumble and won 2-0, moving up to rank 19 on the ladder.

«ß» vs (MP)

On Friday, the ßutchers played the Mango Platoon for TheRumble and lost 1-2. Good match guys!

«ß» vs EK

We played the Elite Killers on Wednesday for TheRumble and won 2-0, advancing to 24th on the ladder. Good games EK!

«ß» vs SC

The ßutchers had a match with the Sinister Clan on Sunday for TheRumble and won 2-0, moving up to rank 27 on the ladder.

New Recruiting Policy

The ßutchers are now an invitation only squad. We have removed our recruiting forum.

ßutchers ally with Ir0n!

We have allied with our friends at Ir0n! This will benefit both squads in practices and development of tactics, and give us a chance to play more with these guys. Welcome Ir0n!!!

«ß» vs {T§}

The ßutchers played {T§} for TheRumble gaming ladder on Saturday and won 2-0. Good games guys!

Patch Release

The Ghost Recon patch was just released! From what I've seen posted on other sites it is great, though I have not yet tried it myself. The Platoon has a list of everything it fixed, as well as some mirror links from which it can be downloaded.

Featured Squad

The ßutchers are the Featured Squad at Thanks, ßØTA:146 for featuring us! BOTA!!!

New Member-Buddha

The ßutchers would like to welcome Buddha to the squad. He is another Delta Force veteran, and will be a valuable addition.

New Member-GoingPostal

Our newest member is GoingPostal, a fellow Council member and co-founder from {T§} The §ect, who joined us on January 24, 2002. He is a great asset to the ßutchers, as well as a good friend! Welcome to the ßutchers, Postal!

The Beginning of the ßutchers

Welcome to the home of the ßutchers, a newly formed Ghost Recon squad.

The founders of the ßutchers, Razorback, Bigguy and Pyro, come from an elite Delta Force squad, {T§} The §ect. We made the switch from Delta Force to Ghost Recon when the game was introduced. We have recruited the abilities of Blitz, a former Delta Force player and former member of LID and FRM.

Razorback was a Council member and a co-founder of The §ect, so he is familiar with the leadership aspects of a squad.

As a new squad, we are looking to recruit skilled players with good attitudes. We usually have a server up in the evenings, the "Butcher Shop". Please stop by and play a game with us or make a post in our forum!



Blackrock Foundry

The Blast Furnace
Hans'gar and Franzok
Flamebender Ka'graz
Beastlord Darmac
Operator Thogar
The Iron Maidens

: Normal Kill
: Heroic Kill
: Mythic Kill

Recruiting Needs

We are not currently recruiting any classes.